EU & Competition law

  • Legal counseling related to European law, especially competition and merger-control for both Hungarian and international companies;
  • Legal counseling on matters in connection with free movement of goods, services, capital, people and parallel import;
  • Advising in customs and trade law cases;
  • Assisting clients in drafting privacy policies, compliance and risk management programs, and corporate codes such as internet and e-mail use policies;
  • Legal representation in immigration and nationality cases;
  • Informing clients on regulatory developments and the impact on new legislation, which might affect their business;
  • Advising clients on structuring transactions based on the all-time effective legal regulations;
  • Handling competition issues on EU and national levels;
  • Assisting clients to apply the environment regulations, which apply to their products as well as operations in the EU;
  • Advising multinational clients on EU consumer, protection law and further applicable regulations for manufacturing or promoting their products or services;
  • Legal counseling in regard to directives and regulations in conjunction with Hungarian law;
  • Advising on horizontal and vertical antitrust issues;
  • Representing clients before the National Competition Authority, the European Commission and the European courts;
  • Monitoring services to keep our clients informed of developments inside the European Union that might affect their commercial interests.
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