Our services in the scope of corporate law include the following areas:

  • Foundation of companies, branches and representation offices in Hungary;
  • Advising on company transformation issues, preparation of corporate documents requested by the Hungarian statutory law provisions;
  • Advising on articles of association, shareholders’ agreements, rules of internal procedures;
  • Legal counseling on executive officers and supervisory board members’ rights and duties, responsibility of management and supervisory bodies;
  • Preparation and advice in relation to shareholders’ general meetings, participation in supervisory board meetings;
  • Drafting and amendment of corporate documentation in compliance with the newly implemented statutory provisions;
  • Counseling on capital structure (registered capital, capital reserve, etc.);
  • Advice and legal representation in matters of the companies’ register and in procedures at the Court of Registry;
  • Legal assistance in termination procedures of business associations (voluntary winding up and liquidation of companies);

In the field of commercial law, including banking and finance, we provide professional services especially in the following fields:

  • Legal aspects of setting up diverse financial-commercial structures;
  • Drafting the necessary sale and purchase agreements to implement the structures;
  • Preparing and advising on commercial agreements, supply agreements, lease agreements, services agreements, etc.;
  • Preparing and advising on loan and security agreements, including their transfer;
  • Legal advising in the course of the day-to-day operation of business associations dealing with commercial issues;
  • E-commerce;
  • Developing internal policies;
  • Copyright ability advice, patents, designs, and databases;
  • Registration and maintenance of trademarks and representation of our client in litigation and enforcement procedures;
  • Industrial property related representation;
  • Providing legal counsel on the implementation of general terms and conditions of foreign companies in Hungary;
  • Representing a full range of parties in their disputes.
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