Corporate insolvency & Bankruptcy

  • Handling out-of-court debt and equity restructuring, cases for the benefit of creditors as well as receiverships and foreclosures representing debtors, creditors, committees, assignees, receivers and investors;
  • Negotiating and preparing restructured credit agreements and forbearance agreements;
  • Structuring deals so clients are not exposed to liability for avoidable preferences and fraudulent transfers;
  • Advising on judicial foreclosure;
  • Assisting investors, licensees, lenders and debtors to protect, sell and acquire IP interests;
  • Assisting clients to maximize value in the case of a bankruptcy by selling real estate and personal property in bankruptcy sales, receiver’s sales, sales by assignees for the benefit of creditors, foreclosure sales and auction sales;
  • Restructuring real estate loans, commercial loans and investments as well as resolving problems through negotiation, forbearance, litigation, receivership, bankruptcy or foreclosure;
  • Planning and conducting of forensic investigations and examinations to uncover complex schemes of fraud and diversion of funds, whether in sensitive negotiations or state courts;
  • Legal protection of property rights during bankruptcy cases through returning assets of insolvent debtor;
  • Legal protection of pledge-holders;
  • Recovering third persons’ debts;
  • Drafting claims to declare voidance of debtor’s transactions the voidance and consequences thereof and drafting demands concerning including property demands in creditors list as well as claims to validate demands of other creditors;
  • Legal support of assignment transactions.
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